15 thoughts on “How to watch video?

    • Probably you can’t. Samsung probably will release new firmware for your TV which add this feature. But I think it will be possible only on next generations of TVs.

  1. Do my samsung h8000 tv support this new codec? It has divx support. I can play x264 bt what about x265?
    I tried to play x265 bt it showed black screen only. If you know any solution then tell me. Yes one thing to ask here should i have to register my device for divx® support? I have option in my tv to register my device for divx support.If i do so will it able to play these file ?

  2. Oh, trust me, I have no problems with playing x265 videos. Except for one small thingy – they are all LAGGING!!! I don’t know how modern this codec is, but it’s making mah video lag.

  3. I have latest version of VLC v2.2.4 installed yet im having problems with this so called x265 “High Efficiency Video Coding”. High efficiency my ass. I never had problems playing x264 in my VLC.

  4. Спасибо, LAV помог, без него ни один проигрыватель не хотел открывать H.265, включая перечисленные в этой статье.

  5. все 7 пунктов выполнил и ни один не помог!! как так то?? подскажите пожалуйста, почему так? что я неправильно делаю? надо не просто устанавливать а еще как то настраивать??

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