New 1.7 version of x265

x265 version 1.7 has been released. This release contains a large amount of assembly code optimizations, some preliminary support for high dynamic range content, improvements for multi-library support, and some new quality features.

Full documentation at:

This release simplifies the multi-library support introduced in version 1.6. Any libx265 can now forward API requests to other installed libx265 libraries (by name) so applications like ffmpeg and the x265 CLI can select between 8bit and 10bit encodes at runtime without the need of a shim library or library load path hacks. See –output-depth, and…rary-interface

For quality, x265 now allows you to configure the quantization group size smaller than the CTU size (for finer grained AQ adjustments). See –qg-size.

x265 now supports limited mid-encode reconfigure via a new public method: x265_encoder_reconfig()

For HDR, x265 now supports signaling the SMPTE 2084 color transfer function, the SMPTE 2086 mastering display color primaries, and the content light levels. See –master-display, –max-cll

x265 will no longer emit any non-conformant bitstreams unless –allow-non-conformance is specified.

The x265 CLI now supports a simple encode preview feature. See –recon-y4m-exec.

The AnnexB NAL headers can now be configured off, via x265_param.bAnnexB This is not configurable via the CLI because it is a function of the muxer being used, and the CLI only supports raw output files. See –annexb

* –lossless encodes are now signaled as level 8.5
* –profile now has a -P short option
* The regression scripts used by x265 are now public, and can be found at:
* x265’s cmake scripts now support PGO builds, the test-harness can be used to drive the profile-guided build process.

3 thoughts on “New 1.7 version of x265

  1. I face a little issue!!!
    In 1.7, the scene-cut is much different from 1.6.
    I encoded the same sample using 1.6 and 1.7.
    In 1.6, the keyframes are there in proper positions.
    In 1.7, they are in insane positions, in the middle of the scenes…
    And the whole video looks low quality compared to 1.6

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