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Baka Encoder TanWe present a handy tool for encoding using x265 — Baka Encoder. This software with graphic user interface (GUI) for encoding videofiles with codecs x265 (also x264 is possible) and NeroAAC. Handles AviSynth scripts, video/audio without compression and video compressed with common intermediate codecs. Presets are defined via XML config with direct control over x265 (also x264 is possible) and NeroAAC command line parameters. Program works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Technical Preview. It handles wide variete of video data (substantially uncompressed or compressed with lossless codecs): Uncompressed PCM audio, Uncompressed RGBA, RGB, RGB48, YUY2, YV12, HuffYUV, Lagarith (without null frames), UT Video, MJPG, Avisynth scripts.

Features of Baka Encoder

  • Proper Unicode support
  • Clean and fresh UI
  • Batch file processing with task queue
  • Performs proper RGB-YCbCr conversion when necessary
  • Prevents upsampling
  • Supports 10-bit video encoding
  • Provides full control over encoding parameters
  • Supports thorough logging
  • Encoding process can be paused
  • No installation required (you only need to unpack ZIP-archive)
  • Localization is automatic based on OS settings. Have English, Russian, Estonian, German, Japanese, Polish and Portuguese (Brazilian) localizations

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8 thoughts on “Baka Encoder announce

          • Да нет резонный вопрос ) Открывает форматы:
            Аудио: Uncompressed PCM
            Видео: Uncompressed RGBA, Uncompressed RGB, Uncompressed RGB48, Uncompressed YUY2, Uncompressed YV12, HuffYUV, Lagarith (без null frames), UT Video, MJPG, Avisynth-скрипты.

            Обычно это AVI-файл огромного размера, полученный из видео-редактора.

            Что такое AVISynth в курсе?

  1. Это конечно классно, но учтите что эта прога явно не для обычных пользователей. 🙂
    Не всякий умеет avisynth ковырять.

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