New 2.0 version of x265

x265 version 2.0 has been released. This release supports many new features as well as support for arm assembly optimizations for most basic pixel and me operations, as well as sao cleanups and a fully tested reconfigure functionality.

Full documentation is available at

===== new features =====

• uhd-bd: Enforce ultra-hd blu-ray disc parameters (overrides any other settings)
• rskip: Enables skipping recursion to analyze lower cu sizes using heuristics at different rd-levels. Provides good visual quality gains at the highest quality presets.
• rc-grain: Enables a new rate control mode specifically for grainy content. Strictly prevents qp oscillations within and between frames to avoid grain fluctuations.
• tune grain: A fully refactored and improved option to encode film grain content including qp control as well as analysis options.
• asm: Arm assembly is now enabled by default, native or cross compiled builds supported on armv6 and later systems.

===== api and key behaviour changes =====

• x265_rc_stats added to x265_picture, containing all rc decision points for that frame
• ptl: High tier is now allowed by default, chosen only if necessary
• multi-pass: First pass now uses slow-firstpass by default, enabling better rc decisions in future passes
• pools: Fix behaviour on multi-socketed windows systems, provide more flexibility in determining thread and pool counts
• abr: Improve bits allocation in the first few frames, abr reset, vbv and cutree improved

===== misc =====

• an ssim calculation bug was corrected

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